Is a consultant, teacher, instructor, researcher, commentator, and practitioner on GDPR, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and IT-security (GRC), Bribery, Fraud and anti-Corruption (BFC) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues.


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is the online training and certification masterclass module for conferences, courses, seminars, and workshops provided by The EUGDPR Institute, The Information-Security Institute and The e-compliance Academy. We help individuals’ associations and organisations to comply with the new era in Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, IT- and Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Privacy, GDPR, CCPA, CSR, ESG and related Regulation, Mandates and Directives.

helps organisations to comply with the new era in privacy regulation. GDPR is a global gold standard and a significant step forward for clarifying and enabling individual data privacy rights. We have extensive expertise in protecting data, championing privacy, risk management database design and data processing and complying with complex regulations, with the rights set of skills.

is the online training and certification modules for masterclass courses, seminars, and workshops. The seminars are provided by The Copenhagen Compliance® Group and The EUGDPR Institute, The Information-Security Institute. We help individuals’ associations and organisations to comply with the new era in Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, IT- and Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Privacy, GDPR, CCPA, CSR, ESG and related regulation, mandates and directives.

provides the platform for a one-stop-shop for Network Security- Information Security- Cyber Security- IT Security issues. The unique ways to support the problems are through training, certification, technical support and ensuring continued development and evolution to be the best complete advisory on the market.

Kersis karriere

Tilsyneladende er der voldsom efterspørgsel efter viden om God Selskabsledelse’ (Corporate Governance), lovgivning og regulering af virksomheder, Cyberrisici, risikostyring og senere GDPR, CSR mm.

Life Coaching

To protect stakeholder interests and the integrity of business dealings we define and document tolerance levels and limits from tactics to transactions.
In the areas of GDPR, Good Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) and Bribery, Fraud and Corruption (BFC):

The Coaching

Our online and In-house and web training on GDPR, Governance, Risk, Compliance, Bribery, fraud and Corruption issues include

  • Audit, Accounting, Financial Issues
  • Assessment and certification on GRC issues
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Assessment and certification Bribery, Fraud and Corruption Issues
  • GRC Professional Search at Executive and Management level
  • Leadership Team Assessments on GRC Issues
  • Executive and Business Coaching on GRC Issues
  • GRC Strategy Execution, -Business Development and -Crisis Management
  • Diversity, globalization and multi-cultural issues at Board, Executive and Management level

The Process

Our Masterclass training and certification seminars are divided into Foundation, Officer, Practitioner, Professional, and Director level of proficiencies.

Kersi was an associate professor, examiner, and tutor at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) from 1984-1993. Kersi lectures at The Govt. Law College (Thrissur, India) Georgetown University (Washington) Cass Business School (London), Fordham University (New York) and Renmin Law School (Beijing). Kersi has conducted several hundred workshops, seminars and international speaking assignments on Regulatory Compliance, GDPR, GRC, CSR, and BFC issues.

The Foundation course goes through the step-by-step implantation, execution and monitoring components with the regulatory framework.

The Officer seminar focuses on the functions, role and responsibilities of the e.g. CxO and the related and associated functions, roles and responsibilities in the organisation.

The Practitioner courses focus on Culture, Business Values customer engagement, business performance

The Professional level clarify the business impact on the particular GRC and IT security issues, component, framework and platforms

The Director level is on the board of directors and management accountability etc.

About Kersi

Kersi is a graduate in accounting and finance. Kersi also functions as an executive business coach with extensive experience in implementing change projects, optimising GDPR/GRC/BFC/CSR processes. He is a member of Danish Financial Analyst Association, Danish Lawyers & Economists Association, Confederation of Danish Industries, British and Nordic Indian Business Chamber of Commerce.

Kersi was a director at RGP, a US stock listed consultancy company since 2007. He is the founder and secretary general of Copenhagen Compliance®, Riskability, RegComTech, The Information Security Institute, The E-Compliance Academy and The EUGDPR Institute. Kersi is a global speaker and conducted several hundred workshops on Data Privacy, GRC and IT Security issues on four continents.


Kersi is a brilliant teacher, and you learn a lot in the courses. The approach and teaching are practically oriented, which is an advantage, especially since you have so much knowledge and give us more theoretical and academic angles in the examples from his experience. In addition, Kersi is super good at activating the participants. And you get a nice feeling that you / I have read and are in control of the infinite number of laws, rules, mandates and guidelines – and that even complex issues are served on a silver platter.

“I found the course very enlightening, interesting and useful in better understanding the merits of the law, which has taken shape across multiple jurisdictions.”

The seminar’s learning objectives were masterfully delivered.  The scope and sequence of the course materials were clear and concise. The seminar was delivered as stipulated in the syllabus.
The tone of the learning environment was laid back yet professional and comfortable. 

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