"Personal thanks for your contributions toward the completion of the SOX project and position ourselves for further improvements in other process areas."
"I highly recommend Kersi for his pro-activity, customer approach and sound understanding of complex governance, risks, compliance and controls and his ability to perform in-depth analysis of processes."
"As Project Lead, you posed a strong sense of professionalism, efficiency, mitigating conflicts and met all deadlines"
"The speaker was very good; he had the entire audience in the palm of his hands. That says a lot, taking into consideration the topic in question"
"Personally I think you performed well, you are a professional speaker and with a strong command on the subject"
"There was a considerable interest for the seminar at the directors meeting in Brussels"
"You made a great effort and all of the feedbacks have been positive"
"I like your style of presentation. The mild speed allowed people to digest your information and the short stories gave personal experiences on some 'dull' issues".
"The participants graded you as 'the best' amongst all Key Note speakers"